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[:en]Ceremony to launch the campaign: ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS – SUCCESS LEADING[:]


[:en]To encourage the student movement at NTU, Economics Department Bloc (including departments of Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Public Relations) solemnly held a ceremony to launch the campaign: ECONOMICS DEAPRTMENTS – SUCCESS LEADING “on November 16, 2015th.


A hall was filled with the familiar colors of red and blue, the symbol of NTU as well as the slogan YES!, which means readiness for the starting bell ringing to start the Campaign, making NTU’s students to be students with “Politeness and civilization. Learning and playing at best”. This event promises to be the detonator for activities to attract students in the upcoming school years.

The program was started with the stories about Mr Nguyen Tien Luan who put all his passion and effort to build and develop Nguyen Trai University as it is today.

khoi-kinh-te2Head of Economics Departments- Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung is declaring the opening ceremony to launch the campaign: “ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS – SUCCESS LEADING”

On behalf of the organizers, Nguyen Thu Ha – from class K15 QTKD is launching the competition “Building school culture at NTU”

Mr Tran Van Tuyen – Head of Admissions, Communications, Student and Employment Department is launching the contest ” PR Ideas for NTU”

Nguyen Minh Trang, a student from K13 QTKD, is launching the competition “ideas for starting a business”

Launching the Business Club makes all students in the auditorium’s excitement

Finally the signing ceremony between Mr. Nguyen Tien Luan and Economics Departments, determined to make the campaign successful.

Table signed by hundreds of students from Economics Departments is hanging in the main hall as a solemn reminder of the determination